Company History

1952-10 DAICO is founded as a limited private company to process and deal in quartz glass and glass for laboratory use.
1956-03 According to extension of business, DAICO is converted to joint stock corporations
1961-01 Toyokogaku Co., Ltd is established at Fushimi ku, Kyoto as DAICO's exclusive optical polishing factory.
1984-03 Arai Business Site with sales office and factory is established at Arai shi, Niigata.
1984-05 Headquarters and factory are expanded at same location.
1985-04 In order to expand the business, Toyokogaku Co.,Ltd is re-located to Oyamazaki cho, Otokuni gun, Kyoto.
1987-09 Uozu Sales Site is established at Uozu shi, Toyama.
1988-12 Arai Business Site is expanded to increase the business volume.
1989-10 Tokyo Sales Site is established at Edogawa ku, Tokyo.
1990-10 Quartz Science Japan Co., Ltd is established as an independent company by setting up the factory of Arai Business Site. At the same time various heavy machineries are introduced to Quartz Science Japan in order to correspond to the semiconductor device fabrication of next generation.
1990-11 Techno-Eye Co., Ltd is established by merging with home factory and Toyokogaku Co., Ltd.
1995-03 Tonami Sales Site is established at Tonami shi, Toyama.
1997-09 According to extension of business, the head office of Techno-Eye Co., Ltd is re-located to DAICO Co., Ltd.
1997-10 Toyama Sales Site is established at Toyama shi by merging with Uozu Sales Site and Tonami Sales Site.
1997-11 Oyamazaki factory of Techno-Eye is re-located to Fushimi ku, Kyoto to enlarge the business volume.
2000-06 Tokyo Sales Site is re-located to Hachioji shi, Tokyo. And also, the name of “Sales Site” is changed to “Office.”
2002-11 Quartz Science Japan Co., Ltd is dissolved and Arai factory of Techno-Eye Co., Ltd is opened.
2004-7 Kyoto head office of DAICO obtains ISO14001.
2004-9 The capital is increased to JPY54,000,000.
2005-6 Arai Factory of Techno-Eye Co., Ltd obtains ISO9001.
2006-5 Tokyo office is re-located to Machida, Tokyo.