Gion Eve Festival in Kyoto City


< Gion Eve Festival in Kyoto City >  on 16 July, 2011

Kyoto's downtown area is reserved for pedestrian traffic

on the three nights leading up to the massive parade.

These nights are known as yoiyama on July 16,

yoiyoiyama on July 15 and yoiyoiyoiyama on July 14.

Many girls dressed in yukata (summer kimono) walk around the area,

carrying with them traditional purses and paper fans(Uchiwa or Sensu).


During the yoiyama evenings leading up to the parade, some private houses

in the old kimonomerchant district open their entryways to the public,

exhibiting valuable family heirlooms, in a custom known as the Byōbu Matsuri,

or Folding Screen Festival. This is a precious opportunity to visit and observe

traditional Japanese residences of Kyoto.


Photograph: Mr.S.Hirai of Daico MFG.OB


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