Optical glass (i-line glass)

Optical glass (i-line glass)

Optical glass is a kind of glass which is used in optical parts such as lens and prism and has property of optical homogeneousness compared to other kind of glass.

The following are some example of required properties of optical glass.
 (1) Optical transparency
 (2) Homogeneousness, Isotropy
 (3) No bubbles, striaes, strains
 (4) Given optical constant, little temperature
 (5) mechanical strength
 (6) High weathering proof.

One of the properties of optical glass is to have many kinds. It is divided broadly into crown glass
(≧55νd) and flint glass (≦ 50νd) according to its' flexibility (nd) and abbe number (νd).

We offer custom-ordered optical glass with high homogeneous and optical transparency and excellent solarization such as i-line optical glass in addition to regular optical glass (ecology, Rb and As free) .

Examples of material of optical glass

Name Index of refraction

Property Usage
NIGS5960 ni:1.616/νd:59.6 99.7% of optical transmission in 365nm
High homogeneousness
Δn@633nm = 1×10-6
Near UV
high-through glass
NIGSE5083 nd:1.498/νd:82.5 Achromatic doublet by high depression Achromatic glass
NIGSE5165 ni:1.531/νd:65.0 @365nm UV exposure induced-
 suppression of degreased transparency
AAspheric surface process with mold
Baresevic and plumbum free
Near UV
high-resistance glass