Quartz (Optical, Synthetic, Fused)

Properties of quartz glass

Optical Transparency Quartz has high optical transparency for wide varieties of wavelength such as UV and infrared. Especially it has greater optical transparency in shorter wavelength.
High purity Quartz glass has very high purity. Thus there are only minute impurities in the glass. This makes it suitable for semiconductor processing and liquid crystal manufacturing which hates impurities such as alkali.
Heat Resistance It has excellent heat resistance and thermal shock resistance from low-thermal expansion. Low thermal conductivity and low-temperature specific heat is one of the properties.
Chemical Resistance It is chemically very stable as chemical and has excellent chemical resistance.

There are two kinds of quartz glass. One is fused quartz which is produced by natural crystal powder. The other one is synthetic quartz which is produced from silicon tetrachloride. DAICO will choose the best material according to customer requests.

Optical Synthetic Silica

Optical Synthetic Quartz

Quartz glass is high purity optical material which has optical transparency, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. DAICO’s USQ-E series is high quality optical synthetic silica which has very high purity, high homogeneous and great optical transparency especially in UV region compared to other glass.

It is ideal especially for optical parts (lens, window, mirror, prism) for high-power UV device such as exposure equipments and excimer lasers.

Index of refraction

Wavelength(nm) Index of refraction Wavelength(nm) Index of refraction
   157.6   (F2 1.661469    587.562   (d) 1.458504
   193.4   (ArF) 1.560165    589.294   (D) 1.458443
   248.3   (KrF) 1.508432    632.8   (He-Ne) 1.457059
   365.015   (I) 1.474581    656.273   (C) 1.456408
   404.656   (h) 1.469664    706.519   (r) 1.455186
   435.835   (g) 1.466738    852.11   (s) 1.452505
   486.133   (F) 1.463166    1013.98   (t) 1.450284
   546.074   (e) 1.460118    1082.989   (He) 1.449449
※This is typical analytical value and not guaranteed value.

Abbe number

Mean Dispersion

Optical Synthetic Quartz Abbe number Optical Synthetic Quartz Mean Dispersion

Light Transmission Characteeristics

Optical Synthetic Quartz Light Transmission Characteeristics

Homogeneity data

Optical Synthetic Quartz Homogeneity data ※An example of homogeneity(凾氏j

High-purity clear quartz

High-purity clear quartz is used in process of semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing, and for illuminated light sources and laboratory equipments taking advantage of its’ properties such as high purity, heat resistance and electric insulation.

    Al Ca Cu Fe Na K Li Mg OH
Fused Quartz Oxyhydrogen fusion 9 0.6 <0.02 0.6 0.6 0.1 <0.02 0.04 200
Electric Fused 15 0.6 0.02 0.2 0.8 0.6 0.5 0.1 10
Synthetic Silica CVD method 0.1 0.1 <0.02 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 <0.02 1000
VAD method <0.02 <0.02 <0.02 <0.02 <0.02 <0.02 <0.02 <0.02 <100
※This is typical analytical value and not guaranteed value.

High-purity clear quartz

Examples of product

Manufacturing process of Semiconductor and display
Tube, Boat, Chamber、Quartz bath, Jig for dry process

Illuminated light sources
Arc tube material, Lump constituent material

Laboratory devices
Spectrophotometer cell, Organic element analyzer, Thermal analysis glass equipment, wool.

High-purity clear quartz High-purity clear quartz