Laser Beam Homogenizer

Products for Optical Systems (Optical Modules)

< Outline >

Many of laser beam profiles are mainly unhomogeneous

like Gaussian strength distribution. 

In the other hand, homegeneous distribution is needed

in many of laser processing.

Daico offers Beam Homogenizer with Fly Eye Lens.


< Features >

1.+/- 5% homogenization in beam strength distribution and beam profile

2. Lends are integrated into fly eye lends with Daico's unique fusion

    splice method

3. Capable of use of high power UV laser like excimer laser due to

    synthetic quartz glass

< Application > 

1.Laser Processing      Via holes, scribing, cutting, welding

2.Laser annealing        Surface reforming, low temp. Poly-Si TFT.

3.Laser illumination      Area illumination, line illumination

Customized design and manufacturing welcome. 







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