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Quartz Glass Tube Heaters

< Outline >

It has been estimated that a metal contamination in a quartz bath of

wet processing system for semiconductor manufacturing process can

cost several hundred thousand dollars when damages to wafers in the

course of wet processing, quartz bath, pumps in the plumbing,filters valves,

fittings, pipes, etc. are taken into account in addition to the cost of downtime.

Quartz heaters and halogen lamp heaters help reduce such risks.  . 

< Quarts Heaters >

1.  Quartz heaters maintain clean operation with their high purity level and

     run free of metal contamination risk.  With their heat resistivity reaching

    1000 degrees (C) they provide the highest heat output and operating


2.  Double tubed heaters protect against initial contamination in the event of

    outer tube damage such as pinholes by additional shielding with the

    inner tube. 

    With a crack sensor, it enables excess heat buildup and allows abnormality

    signal output.

3.  For applications where the chemical resistance of quartz glass is high and

    expected damage potential is low, single tube models are also available for

    high cost to performance ratio. 



< Halogen Lamp Heaters >

1.  Thanks to the high transparency level of quartz glass which enables

     high efficiency light trans-illumination, halogen lamp heaters provide

     rapid heat buildup and cooling via infrared light heat exchange. 

     Moreover, the surface temperature of quartz glass remains low,

     thus minimizing etching and bubbling which result from excess

     temperature differential with etching chemicals. 

2.  Because the heating is from infrared trans-illumination, it is possible to

    design for indirect heating without lamp immersion into the bath,

    thus making it totally free of becoming a contamination risk.


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