Fly eye lenses (integrator lenses)

Products for Optical Elements (Optical Grinding)
< Outline >

Daico's fly eye lenses (integrator lenses) leads the laser beam to

irradiated area effectively and homogenizes the light strength distribution

at very high homogeneity.

Daico's fly eye lenses are produced with our unique fusion splice method

between lenses.

You can use the fly eye lenses with high power UV lasers due to high purity

synthetic quartz glass.

< Advantages comes from Daico's unique fusion splice method >

1.Easy to integrate and replace

2.Higher homogeneity because of less light leakage

3.Approx. 10% higher light efficiency because no cover glass is needed

due to no lens dropping out.

4.No gas generated and no UV degradation occurs because of no adhesion

bond used.

< Application >

1.Photolithography for semiconductors and FPDs

2.Solar simulator

3.Beam homogenization with high power UV lasers (Excimar or YAG)

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