Quartz Baths

Products for Semiconductor and Solar Energy Applications

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We manufacture Quartz  Baths for Wet Cleaning Process 

of Semiconductor and Solar Energy Applications.

We provide best quality, best price and best time of delivery.


1.  All types of quartz glass baths for batch wet processing

     (chemical etching or cleaning) are available. 

2. Quartz material reduces the risk of metal contamination

    and particle generation as compared to other materials. 

3.  Unlike fluoropolymer baths which are made from solid blocks,

    quartz baths are made from plate welding, thereby reducing

    material waste and allowing more complex configurations. 

4. Quartz glass baths can be made from these materials:

    -fused quartz glass

    -low alkaline fused quartz glass

    -composite quartz glass


Customized design and manufacturing welcome.



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