Quartz Glass Wool (Quartz Wool)

Products for Analytical,Measuring and Scientific Application

< Features >

As new advances in chemical sciences continue, applications

for quartz glass wool keep increasing, thanks to the purity and

uniformity of quartz material. 

Made of transparent quartz glass, the wool constitutes a very

fine fabric with diameter consistency, extremely high purity and

chemical resistance. 

For pollution control applications, it is used as a collection filter

in high precision measurements while in the semiconductor

industry, it is used as furnace core tube packing material in high

temperature furnaces because of its high purity and heat resistance.

< Types of Quartz Glass Wool >

10 grams per pack

1.In fine grade (2-6 micron fiber diameter).

  Typical applications include gas chromatography filler material and filters.

2.In coarse grade (4-9 micron fiber diameter).

  Typically used asinsulation material or dust tube fillers.

< Chemical Resistance >

Unaffected by most acids except HF and phosphoric.

Subject to corrosion with alkaline salts and certain types of

metal under high temperature.

 < Temperature Resistance >

Basically the same as transparent quartz glass but somewhat

lower in heat resistance due to its high mass to surface area


Limit is 1100 degrees (C) for continuous high temperature operation.

10 hours at 1200 degrees (C) will damages its elasticity and 2 hours

at 1300 degrees (C) will result in cristolabite formation under X ray


Temperature vs. Time    1 hr @ 1000 C       1 hr @ 1200 C      1 hr @ 1300 C

ShrinkageFactor                       0%                    10%                   30%

<Purity>   ppm not exceeding these values

Al2O3        Fe2O3           K2O          CaO          TiO2
 <20            <10               <10           <10             <2




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