Quartz Flow Channel Cells

Products for Analytical,Measuring and Scientific Application


By illuminating liquidborne particles and living organism cells

to measure the dissipated light and fluorescent illumination,

the number and sizes of particles and cells can be measured

continuously  through flow cytometry.  Quartz cells are used for

this technology. 

1.Fused quartz is used for manufacturing these cells to attain

   high transillumination rate and purity.

2.Cells can be made to cover >50μm channel width and >100μm

   channel length.

3.A very wide range of needs and applications can be fulfilled

<Principle Design>

Each cell has a penetrating, rectangular cross section opening

called a channel.  The inner walls of the channel are optically polished. 


1.Semiconductors:             liquidborne particle counters

2.Medical:                         blood cell counters, urine analyzers

3.Precision Measurement:   fluorescent light analysis for liquid

                                            " Chromatography (HPLC) "

Customized design and manufacturing welcome.




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